Why do you enjoy playing Poker online, and not offline? Why I Prefer Online Poker to the Real Thing

I’m a private person. I like going out with friends, and enjoy the social aspects of school and work. But I find that once I’ve been around them, I need to retreat for a few days to regain my headspace. It’s usually during these periods that I find myself enjoying the benefits of having a bit of gambling online. I’ve played in groups before, and there’s nothing like playing a hand of cards around a table with friends. You relax, chat and have a drink or two. Same goes for playing in casinos, although the pressure to do well there can be significantly higher, which changes the dynamic of the game.

The Logistics
I’ve found the playing poker online is a perfect blend of the two. You’re able to play in groups, or alone. The best thing about it is that there’s nothing to distract you from the game. There are no poker faces to read, and if you’re playing only against an online dealer, the only cards you need to rationalize are your own and the dealers. This makes for much easier playing.

Along with that, if you play online, you stand a chance of earning money simply through the plethora of bonuses that casinos offer new players. They also offer guides and tutorials to hone your skills. This means that not only can you gain experience, but you also stand a chance of earning some money doing it. It’s almost like getting paid to learn, if you play your cards right. (Pun completely intended.)

So the next time you actually have a live game, you have all the tools you need to get better. And the next time you’re chilling with your friends, they’ll be sitting with blank faces one second and demanding the whole of your win reserves after you clean them out. Prepare to get better online.

Why do you enjoy playing Poker Tournaments online? Why I Enjoy Online Poker Tournaments

The Game
When I was in my early 20’s, I started dating someone who was VERY into poker. This guy used to go to private poker games in New York, and win his rent in a night. He studied books on the subject, and was always talking about playing cards. He was smart; he had a philosophy degree from a good school and a job in micro-lending at a financial start-up. But no matter how much he talked about it, I always found myself bored to tears by the logistics of figuring out the game. I always played on instincts, and remarkably enough, even beat him by doing that a few times. Needless to say, we haven’t been together in years and haven’t spoken in as long. Male pride for you.

So how ironic is it that I find myself now writing about why I actually enjoy Poker Tournaments? Well, I do and this is why.

The Wins
There’s an amazing community of people from all walks of life that participate in these games. All of these people have one thing in common. They like strategically competing in high-risk games. I believe that this gives them all a unifying characteristic that sets them apart from other people. They all like a bit of tabasco on their plates, if you will.

Along with the enjoyment of meeting people, players also get incredible bonuses and pooled jackpots for competing. The Sunday Millions tournament is one of the most famous, and is favoured by most casinos, although there are specific sites that stand out the most. One of them is called Poker Stars and offers players a 100% bonus and a €5.000 tournament. The benefits of playing online specifically is that it’s a good way to learn without having to risk too much, given that newbies are able to practice for free online anytime. Sites will even offer tutoring sessions to help players learn. And once you’ve acquired the necessary skills, you may even find yourself with a free trip to a live tournament, completely comped by the casino. So overall, online tournaments are your best bet for improving your skills, earning wins and getting a chance to join live tournaments. Pretty good, I’d say.

The social aspect of playing Slot Tournaments Online Slot Tournaments are Social? Yep.

Never Thought You’d Make Friends Here
The whole reason that most people play from home, I would gather, is for the convenience. I started visiting online casinos as a way to spend some time, as well as learn more about my partner’s work, which is in gaming. I found that although physically you’re alone, online gaming is about as social as any other form of social media. Some casinos set up profiles for people so that they can connect with each other, which is a pretty interesting idea. Community is a way to create loyalty… the more personal connections a person makes, the more likely they are to follow each other’s wins. They’re also more likely to create wagers amongst themselves; after all, one of the best aspects of gambling can be competing with friends. Nothing like showing Erik, that Swedish guy from the office, that you’re not only a betting man, but you can keep up with, and even surpass his skills.

Live Play
Slots don’t really require that much skill. This is why they’re the everyman’s way to test their luck, and casinos now offer live play and hefty bonuses for new players. They even offer enough bonuses for people to try their games free. There are also smart phone apps that allow players to enjoy the games live right from the palm of their hands. Having a lunch break at your boring job? Play a slot or two with your friends, free, from anywhere, anytime. Obviously, this is an enticing offer to anyone just starting to try the games out for themselves. Casinos will have daily live games for players, and offer bonuses just for signing up or logging in. The tournaments themselves will also offer features like a Social Scatter, which means that everyone can actually win together. This is actually a seriously cool feature. How nice would it be to play with a few friends, from anywhere, at any time? Just message your buddies for a quick game of slots and if one of you wins, you all do. Nothing like bonding over a group victory and celebrating with a few pints the next time you’re all together. And everyone pays, because everyone won! All in all, if you like slots and you want to enhance your experience of them a bit more, slot tournaments might definitely be the way to go. You’ll get to play for free, and you can do it easily, with your mates. Sounds like a night out, or a half hour in, to me.